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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  March 5, 2018 6:00am-7:00am EST

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much dayton their conditions. restorderway. bruce om now gnother for snowy think will ben seris issues were in thellywood. wednesday, cold air works it way into theeavy at times spotlight, but that's not in areas andno stopping everybody from having even linger until friday, i'll a god time. all of the big winners and have a lot more coming up memorable movements from the oscars. >> today is monday march 5th, i'm jim donovan. before in just a few minutes. >> i'm rahel solomon. >> busy, chelsey, yes, busy in katie is off, meisha is here the world of travel as well keeping an eye on things this because a lot of the problems, morning. >> hi, guys, happy monday. especially because of the storms we had over the weekend in the worlds of travel we have a little bit of , still link egg everything, chelsey, because throughout with some of the debris, because of those of the storms, weaver downed storms. looking outside right now, theres and downed road w kind of pretty shot here, schuylkill headlights moving in the westbound direction before belmont avenue. gorgeous shot here. you can also s the volume levels certainly starting to stem headed our way tuesday pick up. hope you're headed out the into wednesday. door something to be made away so, some of the branches that didn't fall, they kind of have of. been loosened up. and dealing with just little >> water overflow in icing i bit every winds we could dea conditions, take a look at with more problemse this, bristol road closed unfortunately as we head into between second street pike and the middle of this week. estate lane. use alternate. let's show y and start out a lot of these areas that we with today's forecast, not s are talking about with storm
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debris, downed trees, we do rees starting the day in philadelphia, 29egrees in have a lot of alternates, wilmington, 3 degrees in street road here is going to millville, down the shore, be your best bet. right around 30 atlantic city then, storm debris in delaware and 31 degrees in wildwood. county, route 320 chester, 17-mile per hour winds, near after avondale avenue. sustained, right now, at philadelphia international that dodging and weaver around airport. so that does make it feel even , downed tree, where we colder out there. have another alternate. we are dealing with windchills this is morris road closed beee. pe 20's, as you head out the door this morning. and pen lynlu you. so make sure to bundle up. still, d theasrthreat tdnesday night, be >> thank you shall meisha, updating breaking news in bucks county, fire sweeps through home and injuries a firefighter, battling the flames. >> "eyewitness news" reporter anita oh, live in feasterville nowre is underway. anita? >> good morning, jim, rahel. we just learned some new details, we've learned that that firefighter fell through the second floor bathroom, down to the first floor, the fire had completely charred through the floor of that second floor bathroom. earlier this morning, the fire broke othis morning, about seven # five firefighters rushed to the
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scene here, this is on henry avenue off bridge town pike, here in feasterville in bucksco y, southampton township, fireys, honers wer inside at the time. >> we have onefall through the s currently at saint mary being evaluated. initial stages of the fire, looks like there was numerous areas where there was a fire that started. currently, they're about the g out hot spot. and that's where we are right about now. >> now, luckily, we are hearing that that firefighter was awake, and conscious, when he was rushed to the hospital. but it is unclear at this time what his condition is. and as far as what sparked the blaze, investigators a in buckss news." >> all right, anita, thank you .
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>> breaking news out of brooklyn new york where part every building collapsed on firefighters, brand new video just in, learned four the so it came crashing firefige rush to the hospital, one treated on scene, no word on what caused that fire. >> back here at home, destruction sean in delaware county the aftermath of fry's powerfulrm left scattered all"eyewitness news" r trang do live in havertown where many people are still without power this morning. good morning, trang. >> reporter: hey, good morning , jim, rahel. yes, very difficult week for many people here in delaware county. they're going into their fourth day without power. i can tell you being out here it is a very chilly morning, and here are some of the issues they're dealing with, tree in the road here, colonial drive in glendale road. al power lines here, so contribute to go this, this neighborhood is out of power right now. it is completely dark.
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but, the sun is starting to come up. so you're now being able to see things, but when we are here overnight, just couldn't see a thing here. crews having such a hard up with all of the damage here, that is in delaware county. but, county officials declared disaster emergency on saturday due to the widespread power outages and trees, brought down by friday's snowy and windy nor'easter. delaware county as you can see among the hardest hit areas. officials here have asked for the governor's help in the clean up and restoration efforts, peco crew working around the clock to get the power back on, but county leaders admit it could be wednesday or even thursday before power is restored to all homes. now, meantime, people here are struggling to keep warm. >> we have a small generator, but that's the sump pump, the basement don't flood, and the refraining out or, we have no heat, nothing. i've never seen anything like this around here. >> i mean, not this magnitude. i mean, it is everywhere. >> been struggle with nine
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month old trying to warm up his battles. he's sick. trying to run his humidifier, that didn't work. so luckily we had portable sounds machine, but he woke up in the middle of the night screaming. so just trying to keep him warm and keep him >> this nor'easter continuing to have residual effect, haverford and marple newtown schools are closed today because of trees like this rock the road, trees blocking the bus depo so kids cannot get to school. still, so much work to be done here in delaware county before things get back to normal. but for now live in haverford, havertown, trang do, cbs-3, " eyewitness news." back to you. >> what a mess, more messy weather on the way, trang, appreciate utility department making progress in repairing downed power lines. more than 54,000 custom remembers in the dark. so 5500 customers at ppl. most power has been restored for ac electric customers but still scattered outages, over sam for delmarva,
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scattered outages for p pse&g. >> put was goes through a woman's window. happened 12:30 a.m. 7100 block every grant place. the 79 year old was in bed when investigators say the bullet came through her first floor window and hit her in the knee. >> now, we don't know why a bullet came through this window. we don't know if it was a stray bullet or if they were intentionally firing into the bedroom. that we don't know at this time. >> that woman is in stable condition. her 38 year olson who lives with her in the apartment was not hurt. >> fight least to this here at whitaker and the boulevard before 11:00 last night, 18 and if year old men both in critical condition. so far no arrest. >> coming up: president trump who scored for plan on tarriffs with steel anal lam numb fueling concerns of trade war. >> plus an avalanch rescue caught on camera, see how rescuers used their bear hands to dig a snow border out of
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the snow. >> and it is the biggest fashion show in hollywood, some of the highlights from the oscars, red carpet, coming up next. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> and hems i, she has a lot it say about the next storm. yes, the next one. headed our way. her forecasts is next. >> ♪ >> ♪
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the cs pack with toerful moment, they got theen. the shape of water. >> shape of water won best picture last night in l.a. the film axe interesting or deltoro also won for best director. nominated for 13 oscars, and also won for best original music, and best production design. >> and, before the big ceremony hollywood stars rocked the red carpet but it wasn't just about style. some w smeit
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so oeelebrities and one of the biggest oscar parties inn.araded hollywood's gges night. and it is really great to just take it all crowd went wild when they saw black panther, chadwick bows man, who gave a salutement fashion took center stage but was often access rised with a pen with a message, many for time up, some said i am an immigrant, we saw one that said aclu planned parenthood and black lives matter. there was lot of symbolism and representation, paying homage to oscar within 56 years ago, and another wore jeremy scott leather harness, and his date with fellow olympian, and he's here for one reason, he says.
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>> i'm looking for meryl streep. hey, america street, it is cents me, and she ' marquez s comean you're real big fan. >> i think she is a superstar. >> at love people don't know paying homage to her father by wearing traditional, say passed away but ever made it pay tribute to his country and she did it. >> when she was on stage also wore the white dress, she has worn several times because she said she spent so many money ton. >> $4,000. >> that she would wear it multiple times. >> can't blame her. what did you like, chelsey, di thought but i watched a little bit of t to sleep. we wake up casting, mire watching. checking in with temperatures in the upper 20's, and low 30 's, region wide, as we head into the afternoon today.
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you can look for high temperature right around 48 degrees, seasonable sunshine, still going to be breezy though. so still dealing with some of the residual impacts from friday's system in the form of the wind. gusts around 20 miles per hour also in the form of some coastal flooding so still some minor tidal flooding for our shore points, see plenty of sunshine though today in cape may county, look for high temperature down the shore right around 44 degrees. so, we're quiet right now here at home. but tracking our nexsino every t together. it will transfer some energy off the coast. we'll eventually see coastal area of low pressure forming, that happens tuesday night, into wednesday. look what happens. kind of intense few as well, it is going to start as rain snow mix tuesday overnight. shovable snow likely at least for some people. wind threat though doesn't look to be as widespread, because i don't think this system unlike friday system is going to be undergoing what we call rapid anticipation, so we have high confidence with the
6:15 am
mid week timing rain change to go snow. question we still have the in forecast, will be the track of the system and the precipitation. so let me show you why we are still concerned about the precipitation amount. look what the models are doing , widespread in what we can expect the gfs yours owe with less than an inch, higher performer over 8 inches, so keeping an eye on things, and continuing to fine tune this forecast, and have more details for you throughout the day, on air, and on 47 degrees as we head into tuesday, 40 on wednesday, with rain and snow likely depending where you live. and then 45 much quieter day on thursday, meisha? >> all right, chelsey, thank you, bus any werth, but i in the world of travel a well, goodorning, h looking atstruction actually on far rigyou can see the cone, yon barely see inhe just hanty thatt
6:16 am
hereby themping on the bridge, starting to build levels little bit. schuylkill moving in the westbound direction, before belmont avenue. this is the level you will be working with right now. still traveling around at posted speeds, but you will see start to drop just little bit. then we have some water overflowing, icy conditions here bristol road. it is closed between second street pike and the estates lane. your alternate street road will be your best bet. and then we also have storm debris in delaware county route 320, chester road southbound near avondale road. then we have a downed tree germantown avenue closed waterman avenue, your alternate stenton avenue is your best bet, jim, over to you. >> thank you shall meishament look at this, caught on camera a man burried by avalon such found by rescue crews, it happened at the squawl valley ski resort in california last friday. >> more ts responds today calls for help and helped several other make it to the hospital. including one person seriously injured. >> this man was okay, we a told he was snow boarded down the rest of the mountain after
6:17 am
rescuers dug him out of the snow. >> president trump is getting ready for potential trade war. >> this follows his decision to place tarriffs on imported steel anal alluminum. why the plan has prompted wave of criticism, not just here at home. >> the white house is on the defense after the trump administration announced us allies will now be exempt from import tarriffs on steel anal almost numb. the president plans to impose some time this week. >> this will cause huge damage across broad sectors of the economy. >> while some now predicting all-out trade war late sunday the president doubled down on the proposal. tweeting we are on the losing side of almost all trade deals our friend and enemies have taken advantage of the us for many years. british prime minister theresa may called president trump sunday. expressed deep concern about his threat to tax european made cars. aoun peer and union said it would april zero increase tax
6:18 am
if it moves forwards. while china warned it will not sit idly by if its economy is hurt. they're pleading with the president to reconsider. >> only going to hurt american consumers and the allies. >> but the white house says that's unlikely, trade advisor peter says americans will not feel a financial impact of the president's planned tariff. 25% on steel, and 10% on aluminum imports. >> the problem here is simply that imports are coming in and putting our alluminum companies out every business, and our steel companies out of business. >> administration added these tarriffs were a campaign promise, that the president intends to keep. hena doba for cbs-3, " eyewitness news." well, still ahead: see how jeep saved a family from disaster. during friday's nor'easter. >> plus, the simple test that detect cancer earlier, see how it works, in this morning's health watch when we come back
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>> well, i know it is monday, but it is never too soon to start talking about the upcoming weekends, kind of looks like we have half and half weekend setting up. with the amount of sunshine saturday, temperatures are going to be seasonable, both saturday, sunday, with highs in the upper 40's, however, some rain looks to move in as we make it toward sunday. i'll have more coming up on this week's impending nor'easter in just a few minutes, over to you. >> chelsey, thank you. now for look at newspaper headlines from across our region. >> from the press of atlantic city new jersey legislators slate today hammer out details y network medical charges, opioid medications cents and the manufacturing of the controlled dangerous substances cents one bill will protect consumers in getting charger for surprise out of network medical expenses cents >> and the mercury new pedestrian bridge will be built in union township, part of the schuylkill river trail. state representative david maloney says the bridge will
6:23 am
dramatically improve safety for those who cross route 724 while using the trail. >> from the news journal 70 student met at saint mark high school in pike creek this weekend to face-off with the state's spelling bee. the competition lasted over five hours. twelve year old from carvel an academy won with with a word smallest pear of a stem root or leave. >> learn something new every day. >> science words, they throw me off every time. >> that's a look at newspaper headlines across delaware and lehigh valley. >> busy weekends, we were at the kimmel center for the susan komen survival and strength event. remembered from 30 cancer professionals, 30 breast cancer survivors, our friend joanne, who worked many years here at cbs-3 honored for her work in the race for the cure in the pink light campaign, philly pops entertained us, people dancing in the aisles, including me.
6:24 am
>> what do you call that dance >> i am feeling the spirit. >> you know, are you and katie always make fun of me not want to go dance recalling but look at this, look at those moves. and i posted even closer video , someone sent me on facebook, look at those moves. look at that. see, i mean, people pay thousands of dollars for dance classes like that. >> um, okay. >> yes, they do. >> but you know what it was a good cause, let's get out there. that's all that matter. >> great ladies out there. fighting the fight. coming up in the next half hour of eye within news it, could be pivotal day in bill cosby sexual assault trial, while the chess yan accused comedian will be back in court today. >> delaware county was hit hard by friday's nor'easter. >> that's right. power outages, downed trees remain in delaware county. i'm trang do, live in havertown, when residents can expect some relief. meisha?trang, we have a little bit of everything ot we?
6:25 am
onhis monday morning, storm debris, blockg work, coy go on an on, all of the updates coming up. first a quick break, stay right where you are. cbs-3 "eyewitness news" will be right back.
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from the cbs broadcast center in philadelphia. this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news ". >> good morning, i'm jim donovan. >> i'm rahel solomon, it is 6:30, here's what you need to know to stay in the morning minute. today is march 5th, 2018. >> breaking news out of brooklyn new york where part of a building collapse on firefighter. >> firefighter hurt on the job in bucks county. >> we just learned some new details, we've learned that
6:29 am
that firefighter fell through the second floor bathroom down to the first floor. >> we have no heat, nothing. >> been very difficult weekend for many people here in delaware county. and for some, they're not out of the woods just>> comedian bis to court for his sexual assault retrial. >> you are live on the oscars. >> anyone want a hotdog? >> and the goes to don't say la-la land. don't say la-la land. >> basketball, glenn keith and kobe. >> basketball player supposed to shut up and dribble. but i'm glad we are deal with more than that. >> lower merion's kobe bryant now an oscar winner.
6:30 am
>> yes, the first pro athlete to win an oscar, coming up live, complete ross cents car wrap up. but chelsey has complete forecast wrap up. >> today will be pretty quiet, jim, rahel, baby blue skies waking up this morning, let me show you a look at the chilly temperatures on the board. right now, we are checking in around 30 degrees, and in philadelphia, it is 29, allentown, 30 in trenton, right around 29 degrees also in red whg you factor in the win, feeling more like the teens and 20's this morning, but throughout your day we will get you up to 38 degrees by 9:00, by noontime, in the mid four's, chilly breeze, then plenty of sunshine through the afternoon with a high temperature eventually topping out around 48 degrees. so, we're quiet much of the day on tuesday as well, but then tuesday nig into wednesday, we are tracking, yes, our next nor'easter. that's going to be moving on in. here is a little bit more detail on the timing. precipitation will be starting tuesday night, between about nine p.m. and midnight. rain for areas south, snow for
6:31 am
areas north, then as we hour, on tonight 9:00, see rain trains action to snow, and this is real when we see the peak intensity of the storm system. but by 5:00 a.m. thursday, and thursday morning, the worse of the storm is going to be rotating away. things will be quieting down quite a bit. more coming up in just a few minute, and my full forecast for now. sending it back inside to you. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so much. good morning, everyone being happy monday. where d week go? went so fast. looking at construction the bring bryn, actually moving in the eastbound side, mid-span, all the way over to the right , volume levels not going to affect it, just pull your attention quickly, westbound side actually looking good into center city where we're starting to slow down is 59 south at betsy ross, take a look at the camera shaking around, letting you know it is winnie out, there but looking very slow. no longer traveling at posted speeds there. then weaver some water overflowing and icing conditions here, bristol road closed because of it.
6:32 am
between second street pike and estates lane. ooh use your alternate. street road is your best bet. storm debris in delaware county route 320 chester, have you swerving around debris. doedo, avue, closed rht atwater manu have to use alterne around this w stentonest bet ha, in blue bell, morris road closed between mount mount police pleasant. best alternate. back to you. >> tha you. breaking story we've been following all morning, firefighter returned to the hospital after plunging through a floor, battling house fire in bucks county. this happened early this morning on ihenacho are you avenue feasterville. fire officials say the fire fight is her awake and conscious, no one else was cents injured. right now no word on how the fire started. >> well bill cosby and his lawyers return to montgomery county courtroom this morning, the comedian yan defense team wants to block testimony by
6:33 am
>> two brothers accused of.n shooting and killing a officer, final hearing before the trial. two charged with shooting and killing officer robert wilson the thirds. officer wilson wasvideo game frd friends will gather for a vigil today in honor of wilson >> and other news, it was tt for thousands of people still without power following friday 's. >> live in havertown delaware county one of the hard ers hit areas, hello again, ang. rahel, now tt the sunp you can really see the extent of the damage here. take a look at this downed tree, and it is extremely tall e,on
6:34 am
we c en t roots that i light out. could have been more after disaster, because you see, number of homes right here, right in the vicinity of this tree, rit now, more than 2,000 customers still without power here, in haverford township, going into their fourth straight day. now, across delaware county that number at more than 20,000. and counting officials declared disaster emergency dueo trees, brought down by friday 's snowy and windy newer easter. delaware county leaders asked for the governor's help in the clean up and restoration efforts, peco crews wking around the clock to get the power back on, county lied ers admit it could be as far as wednesday or even thursday before power is restored to here. >> peco is working very hard, senior living here they don't
6:35 am
have power, so a lot of effort being made thereto restore their power. our biggest priority our most vulnerable citizens, please check on your neighbors, check here.r elderly neighbo. so definitelyo that. and because of all of the widespread damage, we're here,ford and we'ven rdway,e're toll there are number of treesou depo which is why kids cannot get it school. so still a lot of work to be done here in delaware county but for now live in havertown, trang do, cbs-3, "eyewitness news," rahel, jim, back to you >> certainly does look like it , trang, thank you. >> amtrak back to normal service this morning, all of the schedule trains between bosses ton and washington dc operating on schedule or close to it, amtrak keystone service is also operating on full schedule. service came to halt on friday during the height of the storm and then resume on modified schedule. >> and good news for septa riders, chestnut hill east and
6:36 am
west regional rail lines back morng in time for the norristown high-speed line operating with some delays. septa encouraging riders to check it websites for updates. >> coming up in the next watch , new test that detect cancer earlier. >> and tragedy prevented in the storm. see what stopped a giant tree from hitting this house with people inside. plus this. >> it is so nice seeing you again. >> warren beaty and fay dunnaway got re-do at the oscars, big look at winners and memorable moments when we
6:37 am
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>> welcome back, last night's ceremony was pack with surprises and powerful speeches,. >> correspondent danielle nottingham joins us live from la with more on the show's biggest winners, good morning. >> good morning, to you. and the night certainly did not shy away from politics, as
6:40 am
celebrities took a stand against inequality and sexual misconduct in hollywood. and there was also some history made, and this time around, there was no envelope flub. >> the shape of water. >> unlike last year, war and bathe i and fay dunnaway got it right the first time. with best pictures shall, the shape of water pulled in the most honors including best production design, best director for deltoro. he became the third mexican born film maker to win the award. >> growing up in mexico, i thought this could never happen. >> jordan is now the first african-american to win for best original screen play for the horror film get out. gary took home best for winston church hill, and three billboards, outside miss your. >> i all of the female nominees in every category stands with me. >> call foreign clues was just
6:41 am
one of several on stage moments, bringing attention to movement. three of the actresses who made allegations of sexual misconduct against hollywood heavy weight harvey weinstein gathered for me two moment. >> this year many spoke their truth and the journey ahead is long. >> and drawing in almost immediate reaction on social media, from me two supporters, bass cents death ball star kobe bryant won for the short animated film he wrote and narrarated for basketball, arrested and charged with sexual assault in 2003, the se was dropped whenhewoman who e refuted to testify. >> and kobe also made history, he's the first professional athlete to win an academy awards. live in los angeles, danielle nottingham, jim, rahel, back to you. >> a lot of people talking about kobe this morning, danielle, thank you.
6:42 am
live in losses angeles. >> another big moment from last night's oscars came as total shock to one lucky audience. >> look at this. oh!. >> jimmy kimmel group of stars , to surprise movie-goers last night, the stars handed out candy and shot hotdogs out african on, thanking them for supporting the movie industry. always down for good food. can i to hotdogs, chelsey, what say you? >> i know, we've got a lot to talk about as far as potential nor'easter as we head into the middle of the week. so let's get right to it. we start out today talking temperatures, it is chilly out there, still dealing with residual impact as far as the wind is concerned. which of course in turn is making thesetemperatures feel e. here is a look at william, in levittown, pa, says right around 30 degrees in his backyard. other temperatures this morning, checking in also, in
6:43 am
the 20's, and 30's, region wide. so look at some of the numbers , this map continues to update. there you go. we have don in tabernacle at 30 degrees, kite in hatboro right around 27. that's actually one of the cold colder spots i've seen this morning, weaver ed in chesterfield at 29. dawn in downingtown, right around 28 degrees. we will show you a look at temperatures now across the greater philadelphia area. if you will. 30 degrees right now at philadelphia international airport. it is 29 in willow grove. twenty-eight in pottstown. right around 28 degrees if west chester. waking up this morning in media to this morning right around 30 degrees. so here is your forecast as we head into the afternoon. 48 degrees for that high temperature. very seasonable, good amount of sunshine, still going to be breezy out there. we should see gusts anywhere 20, 30 miles per hour, so like i had said still dealing with the kinds but the wind finally will be subsiding headed into tonight. look at the forecast down the shore, 44 degrees, plenty of sunshine, also cents have the risk for minor tidal flooding,
6:44 am
coastal flood advisory in effect until about 2:00 p.m. this afternoon. we are quiet here at home. we're quiet here throughout the day. that's all courtesy of high pressure in control. watch what happens we head into tuesday night, wednesday. this the is the next nor'easter we are tracking starting with the rain snow mix tuesday night, shore recall snow likely, then wind threat, not going to be as widespread. system.dealt with with the so that's the good news, right , here is where we have high confidence. mid week timing, rain change to go snow on wednesday. low confidence though on the track of the system and precipitation amounts, why is that? take a look at all of the model. this spread from the gfs to the euro, less than an inch, nam, and gfs over 3 inches of snow. quick check of the forecast, keeping very close eye on the middle of the week. meisha? >> all right, chelsey, thank you so much. and good morning, hey monday. looking outside right now, looks like we have an accident blue route northbound before
6:45 am
route one pulled all the way up to the far rite shoulder, volume levels strong enough now to keep the volume levels even slower than what they normally would because of gaper delay. so it is going to be very slow around this, give yourself extra time, again, blue route northbound before route one, that's where we have the accident. quick peak at 59 south at cottman, pretty slow coming around the s curve making your way into center city. water overflowing icy conditions here bristol road closed between second street pike and estates lane, you will have to use your alternate street road your best bet. then we have some storm debris in delaware county route 320 chester road near avondale road. downed trees, as well, that are really going to start to complicate things for our morning commute. germantown avenue closed water main avenue. alternate stenton avenue. one other downed tree, morris road now closed between mt. pleasant avenue and pen lynn blue bell pike. use alternate here, as well, route 73, skippack pike, going to be your best bet around there. and then we have some downed
6:46 am
wires, as well, in coatesville route 82, manor road, it is closed between kings highway and monesy road, your alternate reese ville road is your best bet. lot of alternates to use. then we also have some emergency road work from earlier accident. and take a look at this new jersey turnpike southbound near burlington mt. holly. right lane compromised there. jim, back over to you. >> thank you shall meisha. unbelievable stroke of luck during this weekend's storms in massachusetts, jeep parked in a driveway is all that stand between large tree and a house. glenn watson drove over to his mom's house, to help her through the heavy storm. and parked in the driveway like always does turns out that this casino every helped his mom needed. >> actually in line with the corner of the house, and where my family was, they could have been seriously injured or killed. >> if that wasn't there i wouldn't be here. >> hasn't been able to reach his insurance company yet but hoping he'll only need a new fenner. >> i think we can agree, small
6:47 am
price, and glad his mom is okay. >> production underway in houston, for the first movie based on hurricane half. focusin survivors, dozens of extrait behind the scenes. >> outside southeaouston, cameras rolling. >> the instinct for harvey film to make it a thriller all about the water and about people fighting through the water. >> but harvey movie byut a lot e than that. shooting is now underway here in houston, and most scenes will feature average, who survived the deadly storm. >> nobody tells a story better than the person that actually went through it. >> cameras were given behind the skis and access, screws shot scenes, up for safe place to stay.(bodn individual stories. >> chelsey, and her family, drove through flooded streets searching for formula for their new baby girl. she is one of dozens of
6:48 am
survivors who decided to be a part of the phil graham all just bridges back memories you know what everybody went through. it is really really hard to listen to. >> it is not an easy philadelphia many to be a part of. six month later, emotions are still raw. >> hurricane harvey meant something to all of them, the same way it meant something to all of us. >> working with small budget. >> this movie won't and hollywood block buster hit, but it will be real and authentic, something every hughes tanian who watches can somewhat relate. >> the goal in film you don't want to mirror other film. you want to mirror roll life. what you portray to be as accurate to the experience as possible, instead of have actual evacuees who experienced hurricane harvey, i mean, that's about as accurate as you can get. >> that report of khou of houston says producers hope to release the film in august, the hurricane harvey first anniversary. >> researchers had little rock arkansas created test design
6:49 am
to detect cancer earlier. >> team discovered pro dean produced by tumor cells called pep sin, simple blue draw will show how high levels the tumor is present. will show high levels if a tumor is pretty should say. so expert they say it has work in detecting prostate, breast, owe zaire yan, endometrial cancers, could also show if cancer spreading throughout the body. >> not only is this test going to allow people early detection, but also going to allow them a better insight into the make up of the tumor and the potential for this tumor to become methamphetamine steak i can, mo most lil al form of cans. >> recommended for anyone with potential diseases or risk or anyone with a known tumor. >> also this morning, steady published in the new england journal every medicine finds increasing the dosage every inhaled steroids for young as is ma patients may stunt their growth. also finds medicine may not work in cases of severe asthma flare-ups. >> well, time now 6:51, a lot
6:50 am
coming up on cbs this morning. >> gale king and john dickerson join us from new york with a preview. good morning, guys. >> hi, you guys, rahel, jim, good to see you both. ahead entertainment tonight kevin frazier on the are owes cast red carpeted, will join us this morning with all of the biggest moments from the show. >> plus cbs news is investigating how tens every thousands of children are involved in dangerous mining required to make the batteries used in devices like smart phones, electric cars, and laptops. we will trace how the mineral cobalt makes the toxic mines in africa to common devices around the worlds. >> city in a ride sharing program they think could be a model for the fewer your. >> that's your world in 90 seconds. >> see you guys at 7:00. >> sound like interesting show we will be watching. thank you. >> it is. >> it is another day off for west virginia students, while their teachers strike goes cents into its eighth day. state lawmakers trying to ends a stalemate over two pay raise bills. you see the house moved 5%
6:51 am
raise that the union negotiated with the governor. then the senate rejected the house version in favor of 4% raise for teachers and other state workers. teachers are digging in their heals until they get what they want. >> so, let's do this right. let's do it to keep attract and retain teachers west virginia, keep our service personnel at a living, get them to living wage. >> teach remembers among the lowest paid in the country earning average of $45,000 a year. >> well, silicon valley tech work remembers taking a new pursuit to ultra competitive levels. >> believe it or not they're raising chickens. also listing the help of so-called chicken whisperer to help them care and control the animals. leslie said she became raising chickens and found she was very good at t the workers feed their chickens very well. >> i know people are just speech less when they hear what people down there are feeding their chickens, you
6:52 am
know, with organic watermellon , or the salman. but i think that's just reflection they probably treat their dogs the say way, too. >> builds custom chicken coops , some costing tens of thousands of dollars. why am i not surprised that people out there pay that much money tore that. there when you have lots of cash. well, first for the popular french closing line lacosse that. get getting rid of the crocodile logo. new line features ten different species from the endangered species list including a tiger. number of shirt coincide with the that number of animals still remaining in the wild. >> i love that idea. >> will help the conservation groups. and we'll be right
6:53 am
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>> ♪ >> ♪ >> well it is time for three to go. >> bill cosby and his defense team headed back to montgomery county court today. want accuser out of the tree trial set for next month. >> people mo live in delaware county and other areas still cleaning up from friday's nor'easter, many resident still without power. >> delays on the norristown high-speed line thanks to the nor'easter, all on schedule, and, expecting another nor'easter. >> what a mess.
6:57 am
let's get last check on weather and traffic. >> meteorologist, matt peterson and have i been working so hard this morning, of course tracking the mid week system that's going to be headed our way. today is quiet. 48 degrees. nor'easter develops, as we head into tuesday night and wednesday. could bring some accumulating snowfall, maybe even plowable snow. >> all right, chelsey, thank you so. delaware county just looking at volume here, sun glare, 452 , bumper to bumper conditions there. accident blue route northbound before route one pulled off to the far right shoulder. >> thank you shall meisha, adorable toddler going viral, for her love of the former first lady's portrait. >> take a look, parker curry, the visitor at the national portrait gallery snapped this photo for last week, entranced by the portrait of michelle obama. remember this, just unveiled short time ago. her mother aid she was so owe maced would not turn around for a picture, michelle obama even saw the photo and responded on facebook with a series of heart emoji's, so
6:58 am
precious. >> and so much you can say about little girl looking up and seeing a portrait of the first black first lady michelle obama. just sweet and precious moment >> very inspiring there. next on cbs this morning, the town that is shutting down their bus system, in favor after ride sharing program. >> and remember to join us each weekday morning here on cbs-3 starting dark and early at 4:30 a.m. and when we're not on your tv follow us on for updates throughout the day. have a great day. >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ >> ♪ captioning funded by cbs a good morning. it's monday, march 25th, 2018.
6:59 am
welcome to "cbs morning news." hollywood's biggest night belongs to women. e.t.'s kevin frashier was on the rhett carpet and has highlights on the ceremony. a show jourch tween president trump and some of his closest republican allies over proposed tariffs on steel and aluminum. why he, wes a trade war. new footage from the ambush reveals how they were dangerously exposed and badly outnumber e
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